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Healthy Tips from the Extreme Makeover Blue Shirts

The amazing Paige Hemmis went around to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition “Blue Shirt” crew and asked for their tips to keep your kids active and healthy. Tried and true, parent-to-parent tips – because we all know, your children’s health … Continue reading

A message from Paige Hemmis: MOVE TO THE GROOVE!

That’s been our motto all week as we’ve teamed up with Lexington Homes to build an incredible house for this family. In keeping with Rhex Arboleda’s message, we’ve tried to incorporate dance into everything we do! We surprised the family … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Tips for Families from Ann Liebeskind, MD

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about eating healthy and staying active. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, has even made it a national priority. There are so many ways we can eat a little better and move a little more. … Continue reading

Why Using Food as a Reward is No Reward

At school, home, and throughout the community, kids are offered food as a reward for “good” behavior. Often these foods have little or not nutritional value but are easy, inexpensive and can bring about short term behavior change. There are … Continue reading

How to Help Children Make Healthy Snack Choices

Move to the Groove aims to provide students with information about good nutrition and the value of healthy food choices. This starts with the parents!  Many times, kids don’t get the chance to make good choices…the food that is sent … Continue reading