Healthy Tips from the Extreme Makeover Blue Shirts

Oshkosh Northwestern photo by Anthony Wahl

The amazing Paige Hemmis went around to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition “Blue Shirt” crew and asked for their tips to keep your kids active and healthy. Tried and true, parent-to-parent tips – because we all know, your children’s health starts with you!

Portion control

Instead of giving your children a bag of chips, put a small portion into a baggie as a snack.

Lead by example

Be the role model! If you don’t eat your fruits and vegetables, neither will your kids!

Sneaky nutrition

Try to sneak in good nutrition whenever possible. Tricks like chopped carrots in a blended smoothie (they will never know it is there!) or applesauce as a snack. It is tasty, but still good for them!

Don’t keep sweets in the house

Not having sweets around makes it easy for kids to choose a healthy snack.

Pitch the can

Buy juice instead of soda.

Get off the couch!

Find things to do with your kids that don’t involve a video game, television or “sitting around”. Stay active with your kids. Spending time doing something that involves movement will be a great way to end your day and theirs!

Play sports

If you love football, or any other sport, find a way to share that interest with your children without just sitting and watching a game. Get outside and show them what the sport is all about!

We are sure you have more tips, be sure to share them with us! We will use them in future blog posts and share your great tidbit of health.

Now, get moving!

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